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Transit bid tracking done properly.

A vendor’s approach

We know the transit industry inside out.

After spending years tracking transit bids all over the web trying to figure which one made sense for us. Making sure we don’t miss out on a major opportunity. After countless hours of analyzing purchase history of agencies trying to evaluate the correct price tag for a proposal, we chose to tackle the problem from our own perspective. Having engineering firms, distributors and manufacturers in mind, we built the very first – and still very imperfect – version of our platform.


We manage with the tedious part

Follow major transit agencies, daily

Canadian & American transportation agencies are added regularly.

Coming next

  • Amtrak – Nationwide USA
  • BART – Greater San Francisco
  • TransLink – Greater Vancouver
  • METRO – Houston
  • UTA – Utah
  • SORTA – Greater Cincinnati
  • MARTA – Atlanta

Available now

Bots to the rescue

Automated look-ups

On their respective website or portal, governments and transit agencies publish new bids at any given date and time. For vendors, trying to keep up with that reality can be a tedious task because these websites are built differently, and require you to browse through all the active bids – every single day – to find the one that might be right for you.

Don’t miss a bid ever again.

Our platform identifies all active bids from all major transit agencies and smaller one too. You can chose to be notify by email whenever a bid that meets your particular criteria is made available on a website we monitor.

Automating the tedious tasks
Managing disparate data

Managing disparate data

Access valuable informations

Agencies all have their own publishing standards and habits. Most of the valuable data (eg. important dates, part numbers, prices, quantity, etc.) is thus buried in PDF files and web pages without any standardized way of accessing those important informations.

Quickly identify the interesting bids.

When importing PDF and HTML documents to our system, we look for specific pieces of information. When we find one, we make sure to identify it and to tag it so you can act on it, by filtering it in or out of the bids you want to see in your dashboard. Furthermore, when possible, we try to add other data from agencies, data that will enhance the results, such a QPL list, commodity codes description and more.

Historical data can be very useful

Search past purchases

When it comes time to adjust your pricing, keeping track of past bids for the purpose of having your own historical data, as per who won what, when and at what price is kind of nice to have close by. We used to maintain a messy Excel file to do that… and felt guilty every time we didn’t do it because let’s face it: going back to vendor portals to get the results was not our favourite thing to do.

Strategic pricing

Integrating that process in our platform removes that messy Excel file from the equation and replaces it with the ability to search for past purchase data such as price, quantity, winning vendors and total. That information will ultimately help you better price your offers and increase your chances of winning bids.
Tracking past bids and part numbers

We’re trying something

Participate in the making

Want to be a test driver?

We’re looking for vendors, engineering firms, distributors and manufacturers that already use transit agencies vendor portals. We’d like you to take our platform for a ride and tell us about what is cool, and what would be even cooler. If you feel like helping us getting things right, hit us on the chat.

Our promiss to you.

At the moment, everything is not there yet, but we think there’s already great value in what we’ve created, so we’ve made it available to everyone. Plus, to make it even sweeter, for every month you give us your feedback prior to our official launch, you’ll get a 50$ credit applicable to future invoice upon official launch of the platform.